Lucid Dreaming Tones

Lucid dreaming sessions are primarily designed for use in conjunction with the "Wake Back to Bed" technique. They are not designed to be played repeatedly throughout the night.

To download tones right-click and choose "Save Link As", otherwise they will open in QuickTime within your browser by default. This is a problem with QuickTime overriding browser settings and not with the website or your browser.

Lucid Dreaming (Original) - This 30-minute track is designed to aid in the induction of lucid dreams and is meant to be used either while going to sleep or while performing the WBTB (wake back to bed) technique. It contains a filtered background track rather than actual isochronic pulses because the background sounds are much easier to fall asleep to while listening. And remember, always do a reality check once your in there.
Lucid Dreaming (Brown Noise) - This 30-minute track uses filtered brown noise rather than a background music track to aid in the induction of lucid dreams. Best if used with the WBTB technique.
Lucid Spike - This Lucid Dreaming tone is something completely different from the other 2 tones currently offered here. It is meant to be used after a WBTB and begins with 20 minutes of silence. The user should attempt to fall asleep naturally during the silence. Following the silence is a spike in brainwave activity designed to trigger lucidity from within the dreamstate. 40 minutes long.

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